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About Us

At Care A2+ it’s our mission to care more. Care for the health and wellbeing
of children while caring for the impact on mother nature’s environment. We use
single sourced Australian grass fed A2 cows milk. We are the first to add Lactoferrin
in our formulas.

Our Story

We at Care A2+ are an Australian-owned and run nutrition and wellness company producing premium products focused on nutrition and wellbeing. Our Care A2+ Infant and Toddler Formulas are available in a store near you.

We’re doing something new and exciting; we’re consumer driven, and science led and we’re taking a fresh look at providing what parents want.

To understand Care A2+ is to start where we started, in learning that how and where you obtain the ingredients in Infant and Toddler Formula makes all the difference. It has taken us over three years to get to this point. That’s longer than we expected because we are determined to get it right, as we’re challenging the existing convention of what infant and toddler formulas can be – in Australia and soon globally.

Because for us, care is not only about our company or a product name…it’s much more.  It inspires everything we do. Care to understand what families want. Care to understand/interpret the science and apply it to our products raising the benchmark. Care in choosing local Australian Farmers as our partners, care in how we manufacture in Australia and care in the design and product control to deliver the next generation of Infant and Toddler formulas to you and your children. We have raised the infant formula benchmark but not the price because we care. We want to ensure Australian families have access to premium infant formula at affordable prices. And our aspirations go beyond producing infant and toddler formula. We are working on an exciting range of vitamin milk, single-serve sachets, and ready-to-drink products as we continue our journey to shake up the nutrition and wellness market.

We are unique in several waysour A2 milk is certified and comes from ‘a single source’ in south-Western Victoria

Some of the very best grazing land in Australia. This means we have full traceability – we know exactly which cows produced the A2 milk that goes into every tin. And our product is halal certified.

Consumers can verify the authenticity of our product via an encrypted QR code, which when scanned, confirms the manufacturing date as well as the weather conditions at the farm the day the cows were milked.

Whilst we have mentioned the unique differences on our tin.

We know, the first
1,000 days of a child’s life 
are the most crucial for lifelong health and wellbeing.

So, we are the first to produce infant and toddler formula for the Australian market with the addition of Lactoferrin.

Scientific research suggests that Lactoferrin performs a range of physiological functions such as antimicrobial, antiviral, immune-modulatory and antioxidant activity. Lactoferrin has been shown in several scientific studies that it exerts multiple beneficial health effects on both humans and animals, including anti-infective, anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory effects.