Uniquely traceable from Grass to Tin®. Care A2+ uses fresh milk directly from
the our farm controlling every step of the way to serving it to your child.

Care A2+ provides transparency and traceability

Care A2+ provides transparency, traceability and authenticity from the tin back to the ‘single source’ dairy farm. This tells us where the A2 milk came from. A unique QR code is located on the bottom of every tin. We believe in transparency so you can have confidence and trust that only 100% Australian A2 cows’ milk is used to produce Care A2+ Infant and Toddler formulas.

It all starts with the cows. Milk samples are taken from each A2 cow and independently tested to certify the milk produced is A2 milk. A2 Cows are segregated and relocated to a separate A2 farm. Care A2+ does NOT use milk pooled from various milk producers and locations. Care A2+ product’s milk comes from our identifiable A2 farm, and this is known as a ‘single source’. The QR code is unique to each batch of milk produced.

By scanning the QR code you can even see what the weather was like on the day of milking.

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