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Led by Science

Nature has provided the perfect blueprint for how to fuel little bodies to grow into healthy, vital adults. Mother’s breast milk is matched by Nature when real life gets in the way, it is comforting to know what you provide to your child is made with care, using the latest science, targetted to fuel their bodies the same way.

Protein (Development)

Protein has a key role in every part of a healthy body and comes in many forms. Lactoferrin is one form essential to the building of an immune system and in contrast, A1-protein is one form that nature never intended to be part of a growing body’s diet. A2 protein is what Mother Nature has in breast milk and in our grass fed cows. This coupled with our premium ingredients makes us the first ever mothers breast milk match and we’re touched by our testimonials from our customers.

Carbohydrates (Energy and Fibre)

Simple carbohydrates (also known as sugars) are essential energy for the brain and foster alertness at the right levels. Too much or the wrong type makes for life-long health issues. Complex carbohydrates (also known as fibre) are key to a healthy gut, settled sleep and a proper fuild balance to support alertness. In the early stages of life, they also build the immune system for a healthy long life

Fats (Energy)

Fats are an essential source of energy and a key building block for the body’s cells. Fats impact fluid levels, sleep and comfort. It is essential to have enough of the right fats and also essential to not have too much, particularly of a fat found in palm and soy oils.

Iron (Bone building and oxygen transport)

Iron is the mineral that gives blood it’s colour and iron is key to the process of binding calcium to bones. Iron is also fuel for bad bacteria in the gut, so formulating food to assist in the transport of iron in the body is key to making it get its job done.